Corporate Accommodation Management Services

We are instrumental in providing best corporate accommodation services to our clients that are customer-centric.

Hotel Accommodation

We at Xenial India Pvt Ltd., have endeavoured to touch a new stance of corporate accommodation by providing a dynamic service rather than a standing one. This means that our services are recreating itself by each passing day. Our company has a prevalence of over 900 cities in the 28 states and 8 Union territories of the nation.

The prime concern of any industry is to look after the fact that no client is left unattended at their door. Keeping this in mind, we amplified our reach to the smallest of units like district, rural towns and even Kasbahs. As a part of our individualized services, we have put in efforts to reach out to hotels of different budgets, ranging from 2 stars to 5 stars. We tend to keep the trust of our clients paramount. Therefore all the trust and reliance that we get from them is backed up by the solid link that we share with the hotels under us.

Every hotel that we arrange has an exclusive ambience, sheltering well-fitted rooms with 24/7 service. With the confluence of both geographic and financial heterogeneity in our accommodation services, we ensure you a comfortable and well-budgeted stay for work with us.

Guest Houses

Guest Houses are more of a homely kind of lodging. Considering the fact that many people desire to escape the flatness of living in cubicles, like, hotel rooms and apartments, we at Xenial, created a network of guesthouses with a PAN India presence.

Our guest houses are as dynamic as running water, that is, always in motion and cutting borders. We provide a very carefully designed guest house program,catering to each client in it's own way.

Dedicated Service Apartments

Service apartments are similar to regular apartments when it comes to infrastructure and facilities, but they are generally a thing of a particular company, dedicated to serve the company's employees. Serviced apartments have all amenities of a good apartment, ranging from immaculate rooms to on-point staff service. Although this is an option open to all,it is highly beneficial to people from abroad travelling for work and desiring a comfortable stay.

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